The antidote to burnout

Deemed the most frightening and fastest growing condition in memory, burnout isn’t a buzzword any more. Now recognised as a chronic condition by the World Health Authority, burnout is real and scaling.

The psychological and physical costs to business are immense.
The Mindburst is the first mass gathering to take practical action to prevent burnout through human sustainability inspiration, mindset shifts and the infectious power of positivity.

Who’s behind Mindburst?

You are

Mindburst is nothing without you.
Because this isn’t only an event. It’s a movement. Of bold, curious, determined minds who know things can and must be better. Minds ready to burst with inspiration, ideas and experiences. Come. Bring an open mind. Be hungry to learn. Come ready to share. And be armed for positive action.

Why bring your business to Mindburst?


Take a stand against the fastest growing epidemic in modern history


Signal to your employees yours is a business committed to stamping out burnout


Be the change in  your industry


Arm yourself with positive, practical action for real-life change

Mindburst is expertly produced by our wonder team of Burnout Activists

Mats Larsson

Sandra Persson

Erik Vismer
Production & Expo Manager

t. +46 73 504 40 60